Finding the Best Pho in Adelaide

2012-07-09 11.23.51

Pho from Pho Minh

I’m always on the lookout for a steamy hot bowl of beef (bo) or chicken (ga) pho. I’d like to know of more places in Adelaide. I’ve visited lots. Some have closed. Others just weren’t good enough. Let me know if there’s some I’ve missed!

I love pho. The first place I ever had it, back in 2007, was at Pho Minh, a little restaurant in a block of shops off of Days road. I’m pretty sure that is the location of the above photo. Pho Minh is fantastic. It specialises in Pho and the fresh noodles are well made. The flavour is really good as well.

Find them at: 7/86 Wilson St Mansfield Park SA 5012‎
Pho Minh on Urbanspoon

I next visited Yenlinh Vietnamese Restaurant, a larger restaurant with a range of other Vietnamese dishes. My friends loved trying other dishes they have, such as duck and chicken. The pho was still good. Nowadays people tend to go across the shopping complex to Pho 75 instead. Yenlinh is well worth a visit for more than just their pho.

Find them at: 113- 131 Days Rd Croydon Park SA 5008‎
Yenlinh on Urbanspoon

However, my favourite Pho place, because of a combination of size, patronage (always quiet, never busy), price (one of the cheapest places in town), range of dishes (something to keep everyone happy), flavour (only once or twice did they let me down in the four or so years I was going), was Pho Thanh. Pho Thanh was located on Grand Junction road, between South Road and Hanson Road, near the Shell Petrol station and next door to a billiards lounge. It closed in mid 2011, and I’ve been searching for a regular pho haunt ever since. Another of my favourites, when I was working in the city, was Charlie’s Shack, which closed some time in 2012.
Charlie’s Shack
Charlie's Shack on Urbanspoon

2013-01-14 18.32.20

Pho Bo Tai at Nghi Ngan Quan

Another place worth visiting is Nghi Ngan Quan, at Ferryden Park located inside Ferryden Plaza. The outside looks rundown but inside it’s dark decor, white walls and a few classy plants. Actually quite different from the usual white floor tiles and airy (while small) feel of pho eateries. No cheesy instrumental covers of popular ’90s singers here, but you still get the classic TV screens showing a mixture of Asian pop channels and Aussie rules football. There’s an extensive menu worth checking out and it has a great atmosphere.

Find them at: Shop 4/34 Wright St
Ferryden Park, SA.
Nghi Ngan Quan on Urbanspoon

2013-03-30 18.28.54

Disappointing Pho Bo Tai at Pho Hong Tam

Most shops were shut on a Public Holiday recently, so I went to a new place: Pho Hong Tam, next door to @Thai on Grand Junction Road. @Thai is a pretty nice Thai place, but the pho  was not tasty enough. They only do Pho and Broken Rice, but had no rice on the day either. I felt it was a pretty poor effort but obviously other people disagree, as it’s rated fairly well on Urbanspoon!
Pho Hong Tam: disappointing. Lacked flavour and had tough meat.
Pho Hong Tam on Urbanspoon

Here are some links to many of the best Pho places in town:

I can vouch for most, having eaten at eight of the Western Suburbs Vietnamese restaurants. In the second list, Pho 75 and Yenlinh are places I know and like.
Pho 75:
Pho 75 on Urbanspoon

What’s your favourite pho restaurant in Adelaide?



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7 responses to “Finding the Best Pho in Adelaide

  1. Dylan

    My favourite place for pho is at Quan Ngon, Pooraka (main North Rd).

  2. Che

    Pho Han on Grand Junction rd. Its just a little further west of Pho Hong Tam. Tasty broth, generous serves and friendly service

  3. Amanda

    Agree with Emily, Quan Ngon is really good. I love going there too.

  4. patty

    Everyone loves Pho including me, but ive been eating pho so many many years and want to look for something difference and i ended up to try Cambodian cuisine at Sokha Phnom Penh noodle house as one of my friends recommended which ive never ever had before. Ive tried the special phnom penh noodle soup which i always seen on the menu at other viet’s place, as they are speciallised in that noodle so i gave it a go, and i wasn’t disappointed at all as the soup was so tasty, it is something uniquely that other places can’t offer and i can tell they are completely difference, i love their combination which has five spice pork maw; pork runner; pork slice; pork mince; liver and seafood but they do have other option for those doesnt eat the inside. For the drink i did get their homemade mung bean – OMG it was sooooo good. I will definitely be back to try other Cambodian dishes as been having vietnamese all the time now sick of it. Their address is 412 Grand Junction Road; Mansfield Park where the Pho Thanh used to be.

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