Chocolate Taperia

Horchata, Chocolate Taperia

Horchata, Chocolate Taperia

Horchata has to be the most satisfying word to say. It is also immensely satisfying to drink, with it’s rice-and-spice flavour. Chocolate Taperia made a good first impression with this!

Located on Melbourne St in North Adelaide, Chocolate Taperia is just one of many dessert destinations which have popped up around the CBD and its surrounds in recent years. It used to be: Elephant Walk, Dairy Bell, Spatz and only a few others. Now there seems to be new places opening up every few months. Chocolate Taperia’s main claim to difference is their Spanish influence, rather than traditional desserts.

Tasting Platter, Chocolate Taperia

Tasting Platter, Chocolate Taperia

Not a very well lit photo, but a delicious dessert consisting of churros (the new big thing in Adelaide, with the opening of San Churros and at least two Churro trucks at the latest Fork in the Road), dulche de leche empanadas (AMAZING), and some banana fritters – which had a more technical name I promptly forgot.

The empanadas were stand out – I have a particular fondness for dulche de leche, that’s for sure.

All in all, a moderate to high priced dessert bar suitable for romantic dates or after dinner face stuffing with friends!

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