Bibimbap, baby

Bibimbap at Mandoo

Bibimbap at Mandoo

Korean food is yummy. Mandoo proves this by having yummy food that is Korean. Failproof logic. You’ll find Mandoo on Bank St, Adelaide. They are more famous for their dumplings but I am enarmoured of their Bibimbap. Fresh taste, pickled veggies, and so much fun! I love dishes that require a little putting together (wrap your own cold rolls being another!) and Bibimbap is a perfect example. Serve yourself a bit of this, a bit of that, some chilli sauce and mix it all together.

Dumplings at Mandoo

Dumplings at Mandoo

I can’t simply forget to mention the dumplings, of course. Accompanied by some greens and potato, they were flavoursome and wholesome. I missed my dirty fried chicken and prawn dumplings from Dumpling King, frankly. These made me feel guilty. I’d recommend them. I don’t think they trump Shanghai dumplings, however I’ve only tried them from here and haven’t had any other Korean dumplings before. I’ll have to try some other places. I’ll also let you in on something else – when I first had Pho, I wasn’t impressed. The flavour was outside of my comfort zone. It took me a few tries. Dumpling King took me a few tries, as well. I never feel quite comfortable saying I don’t like something, because chances are I will – someday. Just let my taste buds catch up!

Anyway, they are popular on Urbanspoon!

Mandoo Korean Dumplings on Urbanspoon


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