Clarendon Bakery

Sour Cherry Doughnut - Clarendon Bakery

Sour Cherry Doughnut – Clarendon Bakery

This is a post for anyone who really, really loves food. It’s a post about unhealthy, carbohydrate and fat laden deep-fried goodness. I’m talking about Clarendon Bakery, situated on the Main Road of Clarendon. If you’re heading there from the Southern suburbs (think Flagstaff Hill etc), it’ll be on your right after you pass the hotel.

Clarendon Bakery makes the most delicious doughnut. It’s better than Krispy Kremes or whatever other American franchise the Eastern States try to lord over us. It’s better than the old jam doughnuts you get at the Adelaide Show.

It’s a doughnut filled with sour cherry (think morello cherries), sliced open and filled with FRESH cream. I’m sure everyone appreciates the taste of fresh cream with a touch of icing sugar, just as no one appreciates bakers cream. I appreciate that vile stuff even less when I ask someone behind a bakery counter if they use fresh cream, and they protest that they do, and I buy something, and it has bakers cream in it. The stuff is vile. This is the opposite. Clarendon Bakery only use fresh cream.

Go there, buy a pasty (choose from Cornish, cheese & bacon, Clarendon special or classic) and help it slide down with a sour cherry doughnut. Their pasties are really good, as are the pies. You will not regret it. Unless you’re dairy or gluten intolerant. It still might be worth it!

Pasty, Clarendon Bakery

Pasty, Clarendon Bakery

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