San Churros – Adelaide keeps face

San Churros Banana Sundae

San Churros Banana Sundae

I first went to San Churros five or so years ago. In Melbourne. It was pretty awesome – a small, dimly lit café serving thick Spanish hot chocolate and churros. Fast forward to the present day, and here is Adelaide, boasting its very own San Churros, est. March, 2013. Find it on the corner of Rundle St (East) and East Terrace. Or just look for a huge line of people.

I have to admit, the one time I went there (during the Fringe Festival), I was actually seated quite quickly. I’ve heard complaints from others that the wait time is high. It’s still early days, and a chain from Melbourne, so I am sure the wait time will diminish. Look at the Chocolate Bean – while it’s usually full, there isn’t usually a lineup.

Now, the dessert. I really enjoyed the flavour combination of chocolate (melted – but real, not syrup), banana, cream and nuts. The churros were comparable to Chocolate Taperia and not better or worse. Chocolate Taperia’s churros were a bit doughier on the inside but San Churros lacked softness in the interior.

San Churros is definitely worth a visit though a little pricier, in my opinion, than some dessert cafés, but prices are inline with Chocolate Taperia, a café with a similar theme, but less emphasis on churros. Check them out.

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