Pick Your Own Apples – Adelaide Hills

Edit 2016: as per a comment below, it seems as though apple picking is no longer available. If you know of any other apple picking options in the hills, please share in the comment section.

During April, May and June you can pick your own apples on Hollidays Road, Summertown. Easiest way to get there is straight up Greenhill Road and left onto Hollidays Road. It’s also possible to go to Crafers up the South East Freeway and turn left on the road which goes past the Botanic Gardens.

It is open 11am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and Public Holiday Mondays. Apples are around $1.20 for varieties such as Granny Smith (cooking apples, etc) and around $2.20 for Pink Ladies. The trees are fantastic, loaded with fruit and very tasty. There are a few varieties available. They have a blackboard up with prices.

Here are some of the pictures I took today:

Granny Smith - Hollidays Road, Summertown

Granny Smith – Hollidays Road, Summertown

Apple Trees



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10 responses to “Pick Your Own Apples – Adelaide Hills

  1. Emma

    Hello! Thanks for sharing about this fabulous orchard! Do you know if they will be open this coming Easter Monday?

  2. Max

    The orchard was open for 3 days at Easter. But as stated elsewhere due to a light crop and extensive damage by cockies in January they will finish in early or mid May.

  3. Rejina

    Hello is there apple picking still available this season ?

    • Hi Rejina,
      I can’t be sure – it’s a couple of years since I’ve gone apple picking – but it should be! Sadly I don’t have a phone number to call.

      Best of luck,


    • Max Schultz

      Ian has not been well in the last few years and has not been able to maintain pick your own apples for this year, & we know that many people are being disappointed, but it is just not possible now.

      I am his brother Max.

  4. Angelo Donnarumma

    Ian has brought a lot of joy by having his orchard available to pick your own apples ,the feeling of picking and biting into a crisp sweet apple, such a simple thing, but such a great impact and memories,
    wish you and your family well

  5. Sura

    As I’m leaving by end of this year, is there any possibility for me and my family pick apples in your orchard just to have fun.we don’t need to pick if it is off season.just want to see the trees and things.If possible please give us an opportunity.

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