Raining on the parade – Rose Garden Thai

I’m a big fan of Thai food. I’ve visited Thailand and enjoyed some of the local dishes. I love the powerful interplay of sweet, salty, sour and spicy. Some of my favourite dishes were larp, tom yum and curry in all its colours. I have to admit to being a bit of a wimp when it comes to chilli – I require a strong counteraction such as lime to dampen the fiery heat.

Last night I visited Rose Garden Thai, located at 125 Churchill Road, Prospect. I’ve heard good things about it through Urbanspoon so I thought it was worth trying out. I’ve visited Star of Siam and Danny’s Thai Bistro here, both a little more expensive but good quality. I’ve visited @Thai and I am Thai, which are probably more on a price par with Rose Garden. I had high hopes of Rose Garden Thai.

Beef Massaman, Special Garden Fish

Beef Massaman, Special Garden Fish

Glasses of water with wedges of lemon places on our table on arrival without any request was encouraging. Good service. Polite waiters. Then the food came out. Pictured here is the Beef Massaman and the Special Garden Fish (barramundi with capsicum and chicken stir fried topping). The beef was tender but not overly tasty. The potatoes kept their shape but weren’t soft. The curry sauce was more a soup lacking all the elements of Thai that I love – the flavour and the balances of those flavours. The Garden Fish was not juicy. We also had the Squid and Prawn Yum salad with lemon preserved garlic. The sauce had an ok flavour but no chilli, and the batter on both items tasted of raw flour. As far as salads, go, there was some spanish onion slices on top a few straggly pieces of lettuce lying in the sauce. I was disappointed with the food quality.

Yum Salad

Yum Salad

The argument may be made that the price justifies a drop in quality. I would point you in the direction of @Thai which is quite nice. But then I would push you towards I am Thai. I think out of the three cheaper Thai options listed here, they would be my favourite. Their shop is small and catered towards takeaway but their food is fresh, flavoursome and best of all, reasonably priced.

 Rose Garden Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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