Chocolatree – North Adelaide

I love dessert. I love chocolate. I remember one Nestle block which had two layers, a dark and a milk, it had red packaging and it was so good. The height of chocolate milkshakes  – Nesquik. Now my taste buds are mature. I go to Haighs, Bracegirdle’s and the Chocolate Bean. I’m always on the lookout for a new chocolate dessert destination.

Chocolatree is a dessert café which serves chocolate in drink and dessert form. It’s a little more expensive than some, desserts are typically $10-15. I had an Iced Salted Caramel drink and cake with anglaise, melted chocolate, strawberries and strawberry coulis.



The drink was really nice. Look at my fabulous dessert! A strange choice when considering that I ordered the Chocolate Delice, supposedly a piece of cake with other elements. The chocolate curls and melted chocolate were delicious. The strawberry pieces and strawberry coulis were fantastic, providing refreshing bursts of sweet flavour. The anglaise was quite thin but pleasant flavoured. The downside was the cake, which I assumed was the main part of the dessert! There were around 5 or 6 small pieces of soggy cake floating around in this dessert. Next time I’ll get a dessert which is a little less liquid, because the cakes I saw in the counter looked nice.



Muffin and icecream – didn’t try it but it looked nice.

Milk and Dark hot chocolate

Milk and Dark hot chocolate

Chocolatree on Urbanspoon

I noticed many tables leaving food behind. I’m not sure if this was due to overindulgence or because people are wasteful but I think it’s a shame. Eating what is on my plate is important to me. On the other hand, people judge restaurants by the size of their meals, even if the portions then tend to be twice as much as they need. Is food left on the plate a good or bad sign?


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