Asian Delights: Dessert Story

I’ve visited Dessert Story three times and have not yet been disappointed. The very first dish I tried impressed me so much that I had it again the next time. For someone who gets food envy and feels the pressure to try new things, that’s pretty special. It was the shaved ice with mango pudding, pearls and red bean. Each time I changed the red beans to mango popping pearls, as I love their sweetness and the pop they give when bitten.

Dessert Story

All of the flavours work together in this dish. I love the mango pudding and the creamy shaved ice, as well as the pearls.

On my third visit, I bought the pudding in coconut milk and added green tea ice cream. It was also fantastic! The pudding was not sweet so the sweetness of the coconut milk and the ice cream worked together to keep it tasting like a dessert!

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