Steven Ter Horst

Steven Ter Horst

Steven Ter Horst

When only the best will do, it’s worth looking into a dessert café which specialises in chocolate. Located on Unley Road, Malvern, is a small chocolatier specialising in making Belgian chocolates*. Steven Ter Horst also have a small stock of decadent cakes and goodies which are well worth a taste. Their prices are reasonable, however the serve usually only includes the cake, so no accompaniments. The cake pictured above was one of two desserts shared between two. Due to the richness of this dessert, it is best shared.

Steven Ter Horst

Steven Ter Horst

This was my choice, a slightly less exciting dessert. It had a crunchy base which I can only describe as chocolate crackle. The mousse part was extremely delicate, light and fluffy. It lacked a richness of flavour which distinguished it in any way. Sadly at the later hour, there were few desserts available to choose from.

I would like to return at a time when more desserts are available, as I’ve heard that their salted caramel tarts are divine, and I have a weakness for that flavour! I also want to try the Lemon Lust, lemon being another favourite flavour. Their drinks were also nice, though I’d recommend going for something other than a hot or iced chocolate if you are also having a chocolate dessert. Definitely worth a visit – just make sure you don’t settle.

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*Just as an aside – does anyone else feel a little amazed when people talk about Belgium chocolate? It’s Belgian chocolate, from Belgium. Belgium is the place.


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