Bing Boy

Bing Boy - Peking Duck

Bing Boy – Peking Duck

I’ve visited Bing Boy twice now, once in the Myer City Food Court, and once at West Lakes. I’m still a little undecided about this food. In the city, I got a Peking Duck Bing Boy for around $7.90. It was well made – the cook obviously knew what to do. Both the egg and wheat pancake layers were made perfectly. There was a bit much sauce but it had a good flavour. The veggies were crisp. At West Lakes, the cooks didn’t have great technique when making the pancake layers which led to an inferior product. They didn’t have Peking Duck, and the Bing Boy I ended up with wasn’t very good. There was too much sauce and it ended up being sickly.

There are a few reasons I don’t like Bing Boy. I don’t like that they use fancy lettuce, as it’s a filler product which detracts from the overall flavour. They use too much sauce. I don’t really enjoy this food and I probably wont visit again. Myer Centre Food Court trumps the West Lakes Food Court.

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