Cafe Chennai and fabulous Dosai

Cafe Chennai

Cafe Chennai – Yum!

I’m a fan of Indian food! I recently found out about an Indian restaurant called Cafe Chennai. It is to the North of Adelaide what Delhi Spice is to the South of Adelaide – your one stop, cheap shop for all things delicious in curry form!

Located in a less than ostentatious shop on Main North Road at the Northpark Shopping Centre opposite Sefton Plaza, it houses a pretty cool car that makes it smell a little like petrol but makes for interesting decor.

Their food is amazing – cheap, tasty, with a range of dishes. I recommend the Dosai, as well.

Masala Dosai at Cafe Chennai

Masala Dosai at Cafe Chennai

Recommended for yummy eat in or takeaway which fits all the requirements – cheap, cheerful and, most importantly, tasty.

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6 responses to “Cafe Chennai and fabulous Dosai

  1. Paul Livingston

    The worst place ever I went yesterday with my Adelaide friend. Visited 07/07/2013 at 1900 Hrs with my friends family from Adelaide.

    Food: 2.5/5
    We had starters- South Indian Fast food entries with wine- They had some cheap quality red wines which was not flavorsome. The waiter did not even mention the details
    I had high hopes than lame South Indian Tamilnadu food with South Indo Chinese Experience but it unhealthy and disappointing.
    Chicken 65- We call it chilli chicken in TamilNadu
    Gobi Manchurian- Indo Chinese recipe which was cooked lame- the cauliflower was overcooked
    Quail fry- It was damn frozen. The food was pre heated and felt like
    Pepsi Cola drinks
    Then we went for the main course
    Panner Butter Masala – Tasted like Rasam and the panner- Cottage cheese made with milk tasted like frozen chewing gum.
    Garlic Parotta- This tasted half cooked
    Avoid the traditional Payasam- The flavors tasted stale and looks like they have reheated the dessert. I went out and I got a tub of Streets ice cream.
    Owner and Staff Attitude 2.5/5
    Terrible and rude
    Nothing was delivered on time. After visiting this place spoke to my office mates today. They said its the worst place in Adelaide to have South Indian food compared to Melbourne.
    Ambiance- 2/5
    Even the real ambiance was lame. Heard noise from the kitchen. The entrance door slammed like anything.
    Overall- Wasted 120 Dollars for nothing after traveling 1 hour to this place and Will not visit again. Nothing great.

    • Thanks for the comment! I felt that Cafe Chennai delivered value for money. The food we had, we enjoyed. :) Ambiance of the Cafe is definitely lacking but I attributed that to it being more focused on takeaway rather than dining in. My favourite cheap Indian restaurant is Delhi Spice, which is Southern Adelaide. I’m sure Melbourne has great Indian restaurants but they have a really great food scene in Melbourne in general.

    • siddharth

      Hi Paul Livingstone…This is Siddharth, owner of Cafe Chennai here. There seems to be some kind of mistake as on that particular day and time, we did not have any tables/customers of the nature you had mentioned. Also, we did not serve Quail fry or payasam on that day as we did not have any. So, I would humbly bring to your notice that this review is either for some other restaurant or it must be a false review.
      some more details in response to your comments
      *the wines are priced at $4.50 per glass and you cannot expect award winning wines for this price. And we take pride in having locally owned wines at our restaurant.
      * there is nothing wrong in renaming chilli chicken as chicken 65. I am from Tamil nadu and we do have chicken65 in many restaurants there.
      Apart from all this, we are here to please our customers to our best possible extent and not to rob them off their money. We make sure we go to each and every table to ensure our customers are satisfied with what they are having and in case, they are not fully satisfied, we do our best to correct our mistakes.

  2. siddharth

    @ Paul Livingstone
    I would also bring to your notice that we replied to your comment on the main review page of Cafe Chennai on urbanspoon and on . For some reason you had deleted it after I brought out to your notice that it was a false review. So there is no point in trying to cut, copy and paste your review in all possible places .

    • Paul Livingston

      Thank you and you are the only person.. who accidentally did some degree than doing a detective course or Lawyer in your blood.He has no background knowledge about food. He is a stereotype who got a flow of skill which anyone can do in a better way.

      You do not know nothing about hospitality than chasing all customers and justifying everyone’s mistakes.

      Be a passive receiver and not like a HITLER. This is a hospitality industry & you are not selling any commodities like fitting or textile or garments to sell and do not act like a Somalian War lord.

      Learn some courses about Management and Marketing..

      All the Best…

      • siddharth

        As a matter of fact I do have lawyer in my blood . We at cafe chennai cannot be a passive receiver for unethical reviews and there is nothing “HITLER”Y about it when you defend and explain.

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