Cafe Brunelli’s gets it right – Dessert Pizza

Dessert Pizza from Cafe Brunelli

Dessert Pizza from Cafe Brunelli

I’m a fan of pizza. I don’t care if it’s cheap and nasty or expensive and gourmet. But my mum still makes my favourite pizza. I still remember the dessert pizzas she made, with peaches fresh from the tree. These days it’s fairly common to see dessert pizzas on a menu.

This remarkable pizza is from Cafe Brunelli’s, on Rundle Street. I always get it. It’s not easy to get through, with gelato, cherry ripe chunks, custard and chocolate decorations that I would rather were left off. I can’t eat it all and usually only have one or two pieces left. There are also fresh strawberries which help cut through the cloying sweetness – I think they need more of those strawberries.

Other dishes include pasta and savoury pizzas. I wasn’t a fan of my friend’s Hawaiian pizza on a gluten free base. Not a good base, not an exciting pizza, and very small for the $20 she paid for it.

I recommend this dish and this restaurant. It’s a nice, cheerful place to relax and eat a casual meal with friends. Unless you’re gluten intolerant.

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