Menchies – Amazing Icecream!

Menchies Amazing Icecream Creations

Menchies Amazing Frozen Yoghurt Creations

Menchies is an amazing self-serve dessert bar in Marion Shopping Centre. It consists of four different frozen yoghurt machines with eight flavours available. There is an awesome feature – you can set a mixing function which will mix both flavours together. For example, one machine may dispense cherry sorbet and vanilla frozen yoghurt. You set the machine to dispense these together.

You top your delicious frozen yoghurt dessert with a large range of chocolate, lollies, fruit and biscuits. On top of my delicious cherry sorbet  I have cookie dough, Violet Crumble, Malteasers, strawberries and mango popping pearls (my favourite topping ever, which I first discovered at Dessert Story!)

Menchies is interesting. You pay by weight so you know how much it will cost. In my opinion the cost is a little high but it is worth a try. Their frozen yoghurt is pretty nice.


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