All you can eat meat

Braza Churrascaria is an all you can eat meat buffet. Churrascaria is a type of Brazilian barbeque where meat is cooked in the Churrasco style. Situated on Harbour St with a view of the park, Braza costs $49 for the meal. You order side dishes which are not  limited to Portugese dishes, but includes dishes  such as Chinese broccoli, a watery vinegary tomato salsa, chips, different types of salad, yellow rice, black beans, and more.

I didn’t want to fill up on side dishes when there was meat coming, so we only ordered a couple of side dishes. Then the real fun began. I can recommend the lamb and beef with things like garlic, or cheese, or just plain. They were quite salty, but well cooked and tender.The pork leg which I ate was fantastic, with quality crackling on the outside, tasty fat and tender meat. I found the chicken was dry, as a general rule, and the drumsticks just weren’t exciting. The chicken hearts were tough (expected) but the burnt charcoal flavour added nothing to the dish. Garlic bread was nice but, to me, were a waste of stomach space. The prawns were fine. I really enjoyed the barbequed pineapple, with sugar and cinnamon caramelized on the outside, served warm.

Downsides are; trying to get waiter’s attention when you would like something, sometimes a lack of good dishes out, spending more time interacting with waiters and getting food than you do talking or enjoying your food – as you may be halfway through your lamb but then see another dish which you want to try, and not having enough stomach space.

Upsides are; waiters will take orders for types of meat which you would like and make sure they come around to you, once you find out what dishes you like you can ask for more of those dishes, the flavours of some dishes are really nice.

Overall, I think Braza is foremost about quantity but there is quality in there, depending on the cut of meat and what part of the meat you get. It’s worth it for the experience, and I think teenagers would probably be able eat enough to get value for money. You just have to decide if $49 plus drinks is the price for you, when a steak would be just as filling and less pricey.

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  1. Reminds me of Fogo de Chao.

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