Hominy bakery

After visiting Scenic World at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, I’d built up an appetite. Being a South Australian native, heading to a bakery for a cheap, yummy lunch sounded like the ideal option.

There are around 5 bakeries in a row on the main drag in Katoomba. Luckily I saw Hominy Bakery first, and after parking further up the street and taking stock of the others, I ended up in the bakery I set my eyes on first.

In front of me in the line were two women who were obviously locals. After they bought their potato sourdough loaves, both bought spiced quince custard tarts and one woman asked if they would be making the large-sized tarts soon. It pays to listen to the locals, so when it came up to my turn…

I ordered a piece of potato and rosemary pizza and a piece of the tomato, ham cheese pizza to begin. For dessert I ordered a churro and a chocolate croissant, with a quince custard tart thrown in for good measure. The potato pizza had nice big chunks of potato on top and a delicate rosemary flavour. It was good cold but I think hot it would be amazing. The other pizza had nice tangy tomato paste on the base (but not much more!) yet had a nice cheesy tomato flavour.

The churro tasted more like a soft pastry doughnut and the chocolate croissant was a little devoid of chocolate, which was disappointing. The quince custard tart… Imagine soft, spiced quince reminiscent of rhubarb surrounded by a delicately sweet, eggy custard which is dense but melts in your mouth, topping flaky pastry. I went back inside and bought two more custard tarts. These are not your average shortcrust monstrosities with gelatinous generic custard topped with copious amounts of nutmeg. These are tiny morsels of delicious, delicate flavour. At $2.80 they were very fairly priced.

If you go to Hominy Bakery, I strongly recommend the custard tarts, as well as the pizza. I’ve also heard the potato sourdough is fantastic! Enjoy.

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