The Massive Munch

A new lunch time haunt. This quirky little café sells made to order sandwiches, as well as burgers, focaccias, sandwiches and wraps. Funky music plays and it looks like sandwiches are the quick option here. I tried a pulled pork burger to see how it compares to my beloved Sneaky Pickle food truck in Adelaide. The pulled pork was tender and tasty, with a hint of heat and creamy slaw to cool it down. I wish they put a sneaky pickle in it! The burger was reminiscent of the BreadTop burger buns that are used by Burger Theory, as they are sugary sweet but larger. They’re called a “Brioche burger bun” and they’re supplied by Brasserie Bread. The burger had just charred a little when toasted due to the high sugar content, but didn’t taste bad. It was a messy burger and set me back $10.00. All in all, I’d recommend checking out The Massive Munch if you’re ever around Hyde Park on Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW. The Massive Munch on Urbanspoon


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