The Ramen Diaries, Part 1 – Gumshara

Visit Eating World food court, Haymarket, to find Gumshara, a well known Ramen shop in the Chinatown area. I turned up for an early lunch at 12 on a Thursday, well before all the crowds, but by the time I left a long line had formed. It’s popular.

Try a bowl of their Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen with a soft-boiled egg. Add the shredded, pickled ginger and garlic and you’re good to go with a fragrant, delicious ramen soup and the knowledge that it’s one of the best in Sydney.

Gumshara Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen

Gumshara Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen

The tonkotsu broth is thick and porky, gelatinous and will leave a coating of pork over your mouth. It’s authentic and rich and will see you waddling back to work afterwards.

This is very strongly flavoured compared to other ramen joints around the city – not for the faint of heart. Highly recommended.

This is the first of a series of reviews for ramen found in and around Sydney, NSW.

Gumshara Ramen on Urbanspoon


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