Assam Laksa, Jimmy’s Recipe

I visited Jimmy’s Recipe, in the Galeries in Sydney CBD. Trying their Assam Laksa was my sole purpose for visiting, and I’m glad I went. The soup is hot but not spicy, with thick cylindrical rice noodles, yummy fishy bits and chunks of pineapple and cucumber to help cool the heat. A solid bowl of soupy noodles for less than $10 – it makes me feel like I’m back in Adelaide!

I recommend this dish for an enjoyable change from the coconut based laksa which is very common in Sydney.

I can’t wait to try Malay Chinese Takeaway’s version of the Assam Laksa this week. It has glowing reviews but only pops up in the menu every six weeks – keep up with its appearance by checking their website. At that time I will compare the two dishes.

Jimmy's Recipe Assam Laksa

Jimmy’s Recipe Assam Laksa

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4 responses to “Assam Laksa, Jimmy’s Recipe

  1. Is this the store on the ground floor on the Pitt St side?

    • It is! It’s on the furthest side from Park St as well. :) I like the Assam Laksa but haven’t tried anything else there – it was pretty busy when I went!

      • I was enticed by the sign that said best laksa in Sydney. I still think Malay Chinese on Hunter St is better. :)

      • I have tried the laksa from Malay Chinese Takeaway and loved it, can’t wait to try their Assam Laksa on Thursday night. Haven’t tried the laksa from Jimmy’s, only the Assam Laksa which was quite decent. I like places I can go to after work though, and Jimmy’s isn’t usually open late so it might be a while before I try their laksa!

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