Just before I left Adelaide for Sydney, I visited one last burger joint with a foodie friend of mine. Nordburger serves small burgers and hot dogs. It’s a small joint with a large male following. My friend and I were the only women in the store as we left – felt like a sausage fest.

The burgers and hotdogs were tasty but too small – more like sliders, but with a higher price tag. Trendy, hip, annoying and disappointing when compared to some of the options Adelaide now has in the alternative American scene, with the advent of food trucks, including Burger Theory, Vegie Velo and Sneaky Pickle, and their brick and mortar counterparts, like Pearl’s Diner, Burgastronomy, Fancy Burger and Burger Foundry.

I’ve tried them all. Some do outshine the others. Sadly, Nordbuger is outshone.
Nordburger on Urbanspoon


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