The Ramen Diaries, Part 5 – On Ramen

My weekly bowl of ramen was a day early this week, so everything turned out topsy-turvy. I left my phone at work, and my colleague left his at home, so no delightful picture to delight your senses and push your saliva glands into overdrive!

Down in Haymarket near where the light rail comes in is a little ramen shop selling tenderous pork rib ramen. It’s the first item on the menu, and I looked no further. Featuring deboned pork ribs in tonkotsu broth, I’m feeling torn in two.

I found the tonkotsu soup had a note of garlic which was too sharp for me and was very light and thin, leaving no fatty coating on my lips after consumption. The egg would rival Ramen Kan, tasty and dark exterior but a little more well done than some in the middle – still with the darkish colour but lacking the goo. The noodles were quite thin but just a tad overcooked so that by halfway through eating, they were too soft to enjoy.

On Ramen shone in one very important department. The tenderous pork rib was certainly tenderous in every sense of the word. It was soft, sweetly spiced, stewed meat with silky fat thickly ribboned throughout, the kind of flavoursome fat which could be fodder for my dreams. Goodbye chashu, all I want are pork ribs!

I rate On Ramen for ribs, tamago (Egg) and toppings. A little more attention to their broth and noodles and this would be one of the top contenders in Sydney. If you go, be sure to check out the pork ribs, for $2 more than the regular tonkotsu.

This is the fifth installment of a series of reviews for ramen found in and around Sydney, NSW.

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