Pho Viet, Cabramatta

I was fortunate to visit Cabramatta on Sunday the 15th of September. I only meant to check out a nice pho shop with many positive reviews on Urbanspoon, but landed in the middle of Moon Festival celebrations! I allowed myself to get caught up in the festivities and visited the busiest looking Pho restaurant on the main drag, once I managed to squeeze my way through the crowd.

I ended up at Pho Viet, on the same street as Pho Tau Bay. Pho Viet was busy with a menu which was both short and long – longer than a pho only establishment, but luckily shorted than some 20 page menus found in cross cuisine establishments. The tables featured accompaniments, boxes of tissues and holders with cutlery. It also came with nice tea, with a pleasant sweet flavour. This took me back to both Vietnam and the more authentic of the Adelaide/North Western pho shops of South Australia.

I ordered my favourite, Pho Bo Tai Nam. It was served with a generous plate of Vietnamese basil, bean sprouts and a lemon wedge but no saw leaf herb. The well cooked brisket and rare beef were both tender, the soup was a darker brown colour compared to most pho broths, with a deep flavour. The noodles were quite good as well. I highly recommended this bowl of pho!

Pho Bo Tai Nam Pho Viet Cabramatta

Pho Bo Tai Nam Pho Viet Cabramatta

My partner in crime ordered the pork chop and broken rice, similar to the combination broken rice available in Adelaide. It came with a delicious sweet caramelized tasty pork chop, as well as pork loaf, pork skin noodles and a sunny side up egg, with broken rice and some token veggies.

Pho Bo Tai Nam Pho Viet Cabramatta

Pho Bo Tai Nam Pho Viet Cabramatta

I’m glad I visited Pho Viet, though I’ll definitely have to go back to Cabramatta and visited Pho Tau Bay! The prices are extremely reasonable, in line with Adelaide prices, lower than Sydney prices in general.

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2 responses to “Pho Viet, Cabramatta

  1. lol i was at the Moon Festival that day! crazy atmosphere. haven’t been to Pho Viet in years. need to make another visit here one day since Luke Nguyen raves about this place

    • It was really good, but I haven’t tried any other restaurants in Cabramatta yet either and there are a few which have really good reviews! I’ll just have to go again :)

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