The Ramen Diaries, Part 6 – Ichi Ban Boshi

Ichi Ban Boshi is on the top floor of the Galeries in Sydney’s CBD. Numerous reviews for ramen shops compare ramen from other establishments and find it wanting – citing Ichi Ban Boshi as what they should  emulate. I’m all for ramen tasting different because I think if every place was the same, it’d be boring.

Ichi Ban Boshi’s website menu is out of date, and disappointingly so. I was looking forward to the baked garlic Ninniku Ramen, which no longer appears on the menu. Instead, I ended up with the Aburi Chashu-men:

Ichi Ban Boshi's Aburi Chashu-men

Ichi Ban Boshi’s Aburi Chashu-men

You may remember me raving about On Ramen’s tenderous pork. This is completely different. It’s tender, but the flesh still has some structure. It’s yummy and has a ribbon of melt in your mouth fat running through. It was worth the extra $2. The ramen noodles were a tiny bit thicker than usual with a nice bite to them, which remained through the whole meal. Both the noodles and the topping are highly recommended.

Sadly the soy based broth was a little boring  didn’t hit the spot. My eating partner didn’t finish his broth either – very unusual! He had the Tokyo Ramen:

Ichi Ban Boshi's Tokyo Ramen

Ichi Ban Boshi’s Tokyo Ramen

I may eventually have to return to try their tonkotsu or a miso based broth, both of which I think I may prefer. Tonkotsu is limited to 30 bowls a day, and I think they should add their Aburi chashu to it!

Another let down was the iced green tea matcha latte which so many reviewers praised. Chanoma cafe’s matcha latte float was a much better example, and I think the two are similar in price. Ichi’s was full of ice!

Overall, I’d have to say that this is not my personal favourite so far – and I still have 11 or so to get through! Make sure to check back next week for my next ramen adventure.

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