The Ramen Diaries, Part 7 – Menya Noodle Bar – Market St

Menya Noodle Bar has a ramen selection that a few other joints around this town would do well to emulate. I get that everyone has their special dishes, but Menya seems to offer most of their ramen broth bases (tonkotsu, shoyu, miso, salt) combined with their different toppings and additions. It’s much more fun!

I ordered the black garlic ramen with a tonkotsu base. It came with some nice garnishes that added no cost to an already reasonable priced bowl – nori, tamago, bamboo shoots and those cute little pink and white fish cake slices. So far, price wise, this is one of the best ranges of garnish I’ve seen!

Menya Noodle Bar - Garlic Tonkotsu

Menya Noodle Bar – Black garlic tonkotsu

The tonkotsu broth is the type which leaves a bit of a porky film on your lips, but it’s not thick. The noodles are fantastic – chewy and a little thick, enough so that by the end of your meal they have not turned soft and unpleasant. The serve is generous and enjoyable.

The black garlic is a great accompaniment and I highly recommend this popular ramen shop!

Shout out to my buddy who took the photo with his phone as I left mine at work!

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3 responses to “The Ramen Diaries, Part 7 – Menya Noodle Bar – Market St

  1. Didn’t know about this place. Thanks. Is it hard to get a seat?

    • We turned up around 12 and it was already getting busy, they have long tables which you share so at least there are no wasted seats… but I’d say past 12:30 it’d be hard to get a seat!

  2. Went today at noon. No trouble getting a seat. It would have been a different story if I got there 10 minutes later – packed! Had chilli beef ramen in shoyu. I like the generous size soup spoons (it makes a difference). Thanks again for the tip.

    Next time, will decide what I want from their online menu before turning up.

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