Zilver is well-known, a restaurant in Haymarket serving Yum Cha that now frequently offers Groupon deals which may not really be a deal. I went here for my first foray into Yum Cha since moving from Adelaide, hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I was disappointed, though some of the fault is mine, as I purchased a groupon.

The set menu sounded pretty good, with two types of steamed dumplings, steamed buns in savoury and sweet (my favourite sunshine buns, which they called “custard fondants”), spring rolls, shiu mai, stir fried noodles, Chinese broccoli, coconut jelly and prawn parcels.

Zilver's Yum Cha

Zilver’s Yum Cha

Tea was an extra $2.50 per person and adding in the cost of the voucher itself, I left feeling no more full than a normal yum cha outing in Adelaide which would cost $40 – 50 anyway.

Stand out terrible dishes included shiu mai (wrappers falling off, oddly plump and juicy), wrapped deep-fried prawn packages (cold), custard fondant (cold, lacking custard, tasted old) and then… the stir fried noodles, which we both had a bite of and left. Unimpressive.

On a positive note, the dumplings were nice and plump, steamed BBQ pork bun (as good as most), yummy coconut jelly and the Chinese broccoli with a pleasant tasting sauce.

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