The Ramen Diaries, Part 9 – Ramen Ikkyu

Hidden away at the Dixon St end of the first floor Sussex St foodcourt, Ikkyu is definitely doing things right.

I turned up on Friday at lunchtime ready to enjoy Ramen Ikkyu. I’d already made up my mind to try the paitan based broth and went for the Ikkyu Shoyu, paitain (fish, chicken, pork broth) with shoyu, or soy sauce.

Ramen Ikkyu Shoyu

Ramen Ikkyu Shoyu

The soup’s flavour is balanced yet nuanced with a fishy flavour working well with the soy, chicken and pork broth. The noodles were thick, chewy and delicious, and an extra serve is available for those who hold onto their docket and have soup left in the bottom of their bowl, at no charge. It’s a little more expensive than Hakata Maru, there is no extra charge for the extra serve of noodles, bringing the prices closer together – and Ikkyu boasts a larger serve.

The amazing standard toppings included mushroom, seaweed, chashu, egg, bean sprouts and scallion. The chashu was thick cut and tasty with some sweet basting going on in the outer regions and a soft, dense layer of fat to enjoy. The broth in the seaweed soup was much fishier but according to my friend, immensely enjoyable – he also managed to slurp up an extra serve of noodles before I could finish my bowl (sans extra noodles).

Seaweed Ramen

Seaweed Ramen

The seaweed ramen was well presented and came with plenty of extra seaweed.

I highly recommend Ramen Ikkyu. Their broth is thick and rich but boasts an intense flavour, offering something new that was missing from the Ramen scene in Sydney.

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2 responses to “The Ramen Diaries, Part 9 – Ramen Ikkyu

  1. JK

    A side note: the fishiness of the seaweed ramen broth was anchovy which gave it depth and made it worthy of kaedama (extra noodles). This place definitely deserves a higher score on Urbanspoon!

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