The Ramen Diaries, Part 10 – Tenkomori Ramen House

Tenkomori is the new type of fast food in town. Choose a base, with a few different options for inclusions, and then some sides. Pay and you walk away with a meal which could range from $3.90 for the most basic bowl of broth and noodles, to something costing $15+.

I went for the tonkotsu and a side of crumbed pork and seaweed salad. I’d noticed a post on their Facebook page which said they’d brought their tonkotsu back after fixing it up, and decided to try it. I wish I hadn’t, as there were positive reviews of their shoyu broth. The tonkotsu was weak, watery and disappointing. The noodles were fine, the mustard pickles were too hot and all in all it was a bowl of noodles below the standard of every other ramen joint in the Sydney CBD that I’ve tried so far. The prices are a draw card but it is a small size, and has no sides. After buying two sides my serve went up close to match the price of two other Ramen joints I have tried and really enjoyed.

Tenkomori Tonkotsu

Tenkomori Tonkotsu

The pork was hopefully, more crumbing than pork, and thus tasting only of fried goodness and not meat. The seaweed salad was average. Hakata-maru, close in price, was much the better broth and had pleasant toppings.

Tenkomori is the first establishment I’d suggest people not bother with, though I would like to try the shoyu broth. Who knows, it might be passable.

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