Auburn is awesome!

On a bright sunny Saturday I decided to have an Auburn adventure. Auburn is known for its Turkish food. There are some great reviews floating around and looking amongst them, a few stood out. I decided to visit Impress Cafe for an early lunch and Mado Cafe for some excessive dessert. I’m glad I did!

Cafe Impress Kofte Roll and Lamb Cutlet plate

Cafe Impress Kofte Roll and Lamb Cutlet plate

Check out my Kofte Roll! Yummy, nice size, great price, totally enjoyable. They had a herby flavour and came in a soft, light roll. The Lamb cutlets were juicy, flavoursome and perfectly cooked with a small amount of charring. The chips were nice with a light salad and some mayo to dip. Impress Cafe really does a great job with their simple well made meals, even at an early hour when most people were only going for a coffee!

This was a great way to start our Auburn adventure. We checked out the grocery store next door and bought a few goods including semolina and cherry jam, before heading to Mado Cafe for dessert.

Mado Cafe Auburn

Mado Cafe Auburn

Had to try a few things at Mado Cafe! Turkish coffee (eugh – although awesome if you like coffee!), Turkish tea (ok) and cherry juice (yum!), along with a yummy chocolate pudding and a slice of Turkish Maras icecream – massive and lots of fun to eat, needing a fork and knife as it’s got lots of salep (a sort of thickening agent made from flowers, which is also used to make a thick milk drink). The waitress was really nice.

Mado Cafe Maras icecream

Mado Cafe Maras icecream

The pastries were yummy and sugary and I was sugared-out before too long. Mado Cafe was really enjoyable.

I’d recommend trying out both!

Impress Cafe
Impress Cafe on Urbanspoon

Mado Cafe
Mado Cafe on Urbanspoon



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2 responses to “Auburn is awesome!

  1. I love heading out for the Turkish eats in Auburn! Did you notice the growing Chinese influence coming out in Auburn now?

    • It’s amazing, I’m definitely going to go again soon!
      It seems like there’s a lot of cultural elements there but only went for the Turkish this time…

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