Robertson’s Pie Shop

Pie shop packetRobertson’s Pie Shop. It’s famous and it sells lots of pies, sweet and savoury. The savoury was ok, nothing special for me as South Australia holds its own as far as bakeries go. We have some fantastic bakeries.

Cheese, bacon and beef pie

Cheese, bacon and beef pie

The cheese, bacon and beef pie was enjoyable. Nice and cheesy on top with some slightly soggy bacon bits and gravy. The pastry is quite heavy on the bottom and buttery.

Beef and mushroom pie

Beef and mushroom pie

The beef and mushroom pie was totally run of the mill. Beef, gravy and mushroom slices.

Once we finished savoury, though, things got saucy.

Cherry cream pie

Cherry cream pie

Wow! Take a pie, bake it filled with cherries, take the top off, fill with fresh whipped sweetened cream and then place the lid back on. Thirty cents extra for cream! Fantastic. It gives my favourite Clarendon bakeries Sour cherry doughnut a run for the money. That’s a big call. It may even be better. Why the heck is this place out in the middle of nowhere? I would be a bona fide fan girl. I would visit every week. Cherries are amazing!

Delicious cherry pie with cream

Delicious cherry pie with cream


Hard to share!

Too quick to eat!

So good that I’d be tempted to drive for two hours into the middle of nowhere to get another one!
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