The Butcher’s Lunch

I love my local Rozelle markets… for the food!

The gozleme is fantastic – comes in either spicy meat or plain spinach and cheese. They are really popular and by lunch time the lines are pretty long!

There is a drinks stand that does sweets, fresh squeezed juices, and my favourite chocolate thick shake – only $3.50 for a small, uses Hershey’s chocolate syrup and heaps of icecream!

There’s a stand which has nice egg and bacon rolls.

There’s a dim sum place I haven’t tried yet which looks good, as well as a Vietnamese place on Saturdays.

Today, though, I really want to bang on about one place.

The Butcher's Lunch

The Butcher’s Lunch

The Butcher’s Lunch is a great little set up available at a few different markets on Saturdays and Sundays. They set up on Sunday at Rozelle markets with a slow cooked pork burger and a slow cooked beef burger.

Slow cooked pulled beef roll

Slow cooked pulled beef roll

The beef is yummy and tender, with some coleslaw to give crunch.

Pork with crackling roll

Pork with crackling roll

Yummy pork with crunchy crackling!

I’m not interested in the trash and treasure at Rozelle markets, but I love sitting down with a nice roll and a thickshake, watching people go by.


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