The Ramen Diaries, Part 12 – Ton Ton Ramen

Ton Ton Ramen is upstairs in Chifley Plaza. They sell all sorts of ramen and donburi, amazing soba and udon soups and an array of prepacked meals.

Ton Ton Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen

Ton Ton Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen

Ton Ton serves its ramen in a deep, narrow bowl. Toppings include slices of decent chashu, a piece of seaweed, chopped spring onion and a large handful of bean sprouts.

Alarm bells started ringing when reading that their tonkotsu base was spicy. Heat gets in the way of taste, for me, but the call of black garlic was too strong so I went ahead.

The soup clung to the curly al dente noodles.  It was not thick but seemed to have the right pork flavour. The spice definitely detracted from my enjoyment and the ability to taste the pork base. The serving size was decent and so was the price. If you love spicy things, this definitely isn’t hot enough, but you may enjoy it. I found that what I could taste of the tonkotsu base was not strong enough and the spice detracted from the flavour. I probably wont be making the trek out here again.

Next week will be the last ramen shop on my list, so stay tuned for further developments!

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