The Ramen Diaries, Part 13 – Goshu Ramen Tei

Goshu Ramen Tei sits right next to Condor Ramen on George St, up near Wynyard station. They proclaim they were the original ramen shop in Sydney!

There’s no tonkotsu base on offer here, so I went for the miso. It was very salty and a little thick. The toppings were generous, with a nicely soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots, corn, beansprouts, a slice of seaweed, spring onions and a nicely cooked slice of pork.

Goshu Ramen Tei Miso

Goshu Ramen Tei Miso

The noodles were a great texture, able to pick up a little soup on their way, not too thin and cooked perfectly.

I was happy with my bowl of ramen from Goshu Ramen Tei – there was nothing outstanding about it compared to others – the saltiness of the broth got a little overwhelming by halfway, and I left most of it in the bowl – but it was pleasant, not obviously deficient in any way, and easy to eat with a great range of included toppings.

It’s worth a visit, especially if you want ramen and you’re too far away from Haymarket!

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