Newstar Takeaway

I’m so excited! Newstar Takeaway is a short stroll from my house and it’s my favourite type of establishment. Cheep, cheerful, and Vietnamese.

Newstar Takeaway Pho

Newstar Takeaway Pho

The broth was quite strong on the beef and less nuanced in flavour, but the Bo Tai was tender and delicious. The serve was massive and I couldn’t get through it. I loved the table trimmings – classic box of tissues, hoisin, soy, pepper and utensils galore. The background music was instrumental – the only missing element was a television or two!

Cold rolls / Rice paper rolls

Cold rolls / Rice paper rolls

I love some tasty cold rolls, though served with the sweet/chilli sauce and not the usual thick, hoisin based sauce.

Combination Rice

Combination Rice

The combination rice was decent but not overly exciting. Tasty pork but was a little dry, nice meat loaf, and the pork skin noodles were a little different to what I’m used to. A nice simple dish.

Overall, this was a great meal at a price on par with my favourite pho establishments in Adelaide, but around the corner in Balmain! Highly recommended if you live in the area.

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2 responses to “Newstar Takeaway

  1. I’ve never been to a Vietnamese restaurant. Looks good though.

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