N2 Extreme Gelato, Haymarket

I went to N2 Extreme Gelato for some extreme gelato – Pandan crème brûlée! At $8 a serve the pricing was a little high but hey – it’s extreme, and exciting!

N2 Pandan Creme Brulee

N2 Pandan Creme Brulee

Apologies for the extremely poor photography! I loved the crunchy topping and the yummy pandan flavour of the gelato.

N2 isn’t just gelato – it’s about the experience. I’d recommend trying it out, especially for some of the more wacky flavours! It’s fun watching them use nitrogen and the blow torch they use for crème brûlée! The gelato itself is smooth and creamy, and it’s a little different from your average gelato as each serve is made individually!

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