Feast @ Sheraton on the Park

Feast at Sheraton on the Park is great fun! A range of seafood, , savouries (salad bar, roasts, accompaniments, soups, cheeses, breads, Peking duck pancakes, pizzas), and sweets including fruit and a vast array of cakes and well made ice-cream. Apologies for the abysmal photo quality – the lighting was really bad and of course I was sitting just in front of the light!

If you’re thinking of going – just be warned. It’s good, but China Bar Signature buffett in Melbourne is better…

Feast Seafood Buffet

Feast Seafood Buffet

The crabs were annoying to shell, as were the prawns, but the bugs were fantastic! The oysters were almost too small to bother with but the Kilpatrick variety were yummy. The sushi was boring but the smoked salmon was delicious… I just really like smoked salmon!

Feast bits and pieces

Feast bits and pieces

The dips, cheese and breads were fantastic. There was a beautiful dark brown glossy exterior on one of the rolls that I loved, went perfect pulled apart and topped with cheese.

Feast Desserts

Feast Desserts

My dining partner and I both filled our plates with desserts and then halved and shared them. That went down well! After around seven plates of food I was full and content. I joined the SPG rewards program, booked with my number and received 15% off, so per person it was around $77! The quality was good, although the peking duck could be improved by having warmed pancakes and not cold.

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