Gelato Messina – Pyrmont

Gelato Messina gets great reviews – as it should! There’s funky flavours with plenty of depth and interesting ingredients.

Gelato Messina Star

Gelato Messina Star

It is nice, and I can’t remember the flavours I had – though they were “special ones”! I think one had peanut butter in it…

Overall, price is reasonable, but I think I didn’t manage to try anything that knocked my socks off. I definitely need to try more of their flavours!

Gelato is slowly taking Sydney by storm. There’s Gelatissimo, which I had years ago and loved. Now there’s Cow & Moon, Gelato Messina, N2 and others… These few seem like the most creative with their flavouring. My current favourite, though, is Darling Gelato as it is down the street from me and even though the flavour combinations aren’t as wacky as the others, and the concept is fairly pedestrian, they do their flavours well. Sometimes that is all you need!

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