Big Bite on Pitt

Usually when I turn up to an establishment at 12, it’s still quiet.
Not Big Bite. You can tell where it is because there’s a long line of people completely ignoring the dancing placard people who are advertising the silent, empty cafes next door! And they suck, because people phone through orders and on the Thursday that I visited, the grilled lamb was already sold out. Big fail.

Big Bite Grilled Chilli Chicken

Big Bite Grilled Chilli Chicken

The chilli chicken is amazing. It’s grilled, nice juicy pieces of chicken with a slightly hot flavour. It’s set on thick bread with pleasant salads and it sets you back $10.

Big Bite Chicken Schnitzel

Big Bite Chicken Schnitzel

Apparently the chicken schnitzel sandwich is pretty darn good too. It’s sliced up and there seems to be a high breadcrumb to meat ratio, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

At the end of the day, it’s a sandwich and it costs $10. My favourite way to eat a cheap lunch is to go to Woolies Town Hall, buy 50 grams of ham, a couple of slices of Masdam cheese and a tomato (or some semi dried tomatoes!), along with a bread roll. It’s still tasty but costs much less. At the end of the day, it depends on your tastes and budget – and if you’ve got a predilection for MEGA SANDWICH.

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