The Ramen Diaries: Gumshara revisited

It’s now time for round two, the review of the best reviews.
For my second visit to Gumshara, I chose the straight Tonkotsu, passing over the black garlic.
I’ve included a review table for this round of reviews, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into at each establishment.

Broth: Thick, creamy, smooth, unctuous. It’s a broth for hardcore pork fans.

Price: $10.50, $1.50 to add the perfect egg. Black garlic version is $11.50 (plus $1.50 for egg!)

Noodles: Thick, chewy. Good at picking up broth.

Meat: Tasty, generous serve of chashu. Not cold.

Toppings: Chashu, bamboo shoots, spring onions. Optional: pickled garlic, pickled ginger, garlic flakes. Optional cost: Egg etc

Setting: Food Court – Eating World, Haymarket.

Overall recommendation: Gumshara does a mean tonkotsu. It’s highly recommended – not just by me, but by many others. It’s enjoyable but it’s not for the faint hearted. Be prepared for pork. Lots of pork.

Gumshara Tonkotsu

Gumshara Tonkotsu

Gumshara Black Garlic Tonkotsu

Gumshara Black Garlic Tonkotsu

Gumshara Ramen on Urbanspoon


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