Fancy Burger, Blackwood

I’ve visited Fancy Burger before, but it was the one in town. I think Fancy Burger in Blackwood wins the food wars, although maybe when it’s a chain restaurant you can peacefully coexist?

Fancy Burger #1

Fancy Burger #1

I can’t remember which photo goes with what burger. Suffice to say there were five of us and we ordered four types of burger, Lovely Lamb, The Biggy, Sunrise Surprise and The Legend. No one uttered a complaint.

The meat was tender and juicy. Toppings were well thought out and were harmonious. The buns were not the usual sweet monstrosities, but plain and just dense enough to stay together throughout the eating process.

Fancy Burger #2

Fancy Burger #2

Before we left for FB, one of the party mentioned that usually good burgers are found in pubs, with skewers stuck in them to keep the massive amount of ingredients in place. We may not have been in a pub, but at least her skewer wish was granted.

Fancy Burger #3

Fancy Burger #3

I love a good fancy burger. These were great. It was busy when we got there, on a Friday just after 12pm.

Fancy Burger chips

Fancy Burger chips

This was a large-sized chips, around $6.50 if memory serves correctly. Massive serve, really well cooked and nice and thick. If you go there, have some chips. But be warned… this was the perfect size for five hungry people. You may not need the large size.

If you’re craving a burger in the Southern ‘burbs, you can’t get better than this. I’m always open to suggestions, though. I love burgers.
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