Papa’s Pasticceria, Haberfield

Papa’s is proof that there is good food for a good price in Sydney.

Assorted cakes and biscuits

Assorted cakes and biscuits

This is just $23 worth of baked goods. The only real dud was the cocoa and icing powder coasted jam doughnut. Too much jam! There are three cannoli hiding under that almond and cherry tart!

Papa’s is amazing. It’s always bustling and busy but there always seems to be empty tables – lots of people grab their goods and go!

I sat down with a hot chocolate but can’t recommend them. Too sweet and nondescript. 

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2 responses to “Papa’s Pasticceria, Haberfield

  1. I love Papa’s! They do the best ricotta cheesecake and cannoli!

    • I love the inside of the cheesecake but I think the pastry is excessive… no one needs pastry on top of their cheesecake! The ricotta cannoli is my favourite.

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