The Ramen Diaries: Ippudo revisited

It’s now time for round two, the review of the best reviews.
For my second visit to Ippudo, I chose from the seasonal menu, a $15 chicken/bonito broth with chicken meat and tamago. I’ll review the black garlic/miso/tonkotsu, however.
I’ve included a review table for this round of reviews, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into at each establishment.

Broth: Thin, creamy, smooth. Slight warmth from the miso paste. Nice flavour.

Price: $16

Noodles: Thin, slightly hard. Straight.

Meat: One slice of pork belly. Light on flavour.

Toppings: Pork belly, shallots, miso paste ball, nori. Optional: sesame seeds. Optional cost: Egg ($2.00) etc

Setting: Westfield Food Court, level 4. Closed in restaurant, busy, cramped feel.


Seasonal Special Ippudo

Seasonal Special Ippudo

Overall thoughts: Salt is not a substitute for flavour. I prefer thicker broths, or broth with more “body”. Price IS important to me.

Ratings so far:

1. Gumshara

2. Ippudo

Ippudo Sydney on Urbanspoon


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