Harajuku Gyoza, Kings Cross

Harajuku Cucumber Miso sauce

Harajuku Cucumber Miso sauce

This cucumber salad with miso sauce is seriously photogenic hey? It’s actually sweet, crisp, refreshing with a miso kick.

Harajuku deep fried eggplant

Harajuku deep-fried eggplant

Another flash fail, this is deep-fried eggplant. Hot and so oily, perfectly decadent and perfect for soaking up sauces!

Harajuku Gyoza

Harajuku Gyoza

Gyoza… Yum, we had vegetarian, duck, chicken, pork… Pretty darn good. Favourites were vegetarian, duck, chicken pork…

Harajuku Pork Belly Kakuni

Harajuku Pork Belly Kakuni

I’ve seen plenty of comments on the dryness of the pork belly. Agreed. It’s tasty but there could be more melt in your mouth softness.

Harajuku Salted Caramel and Apple gyoza

Harajuku Salted Caramel and Apple gyoza

Delicious salted caramel gyoza, dark, sweet, salty.

Fantastic apple gyoza.

It was a great place, with loud shouting going on with every shot of saké poured. The shots were generous, sloshed into a glass placed in a small tray, which ends up holding another shot of saké itself… pour into the glass and repeat! 

The servings are small and the prices are a little steep but it’s one of those places where everything’s about socialising and food and not stuffing your face. Sometimes it’s good to leave and still be able to walk without feeling ill. Sometimes.

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