Pie in the Sky, Bilpin

On the way to Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens (which is amazing!) we stopped off for delicious bakery lunch at Pie in the Sky, Bilpin/Kurrajong, on Bells Line of Road.

Chocolate milkshake

Chocolate milkshake

I love when milkshakes come with the extras in a silver cup! The milkshake tasted great and it was perfectly the perfect texture – not as thick as a thickshake, but still thicker than milk.

sausage roll, cheese bacon steak pie

sausage roll, cheese bacon steak pie

The cheese bacon steak pie had nice thick gravy with generous chunks of steak. The pastry was nice, better than Robertson’s in my opinion, but the bacon was harder to notice.


Apple pie and icecream

Apple pie and ice-cream

Wow!! So we ordered an apple pie with icecream for dessert… The lovely lady behind the counter served it to us on two plates with some ice-cream each! I love Pie in the Sky!

It was lovely, great service, tasty food and generous portions… Definitely visit!


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