Star House

Yum Cha is something that I really appreciate when it’s done well. In Adelaide, I’ve tried most of the popular places (though I still need to try Zen House!!).

Ding Hao and Star House are my two favourites. This is a quick review of Star House, where I usually end up!

Steamed selection

Steamed selection

Here are sunshine buns, scallop dumplings and BBQ pork dumplings. Amazing! Their food is always bursting at the seams, with scallop dumplings being a stand out – heaps of scallop meat as well as small prawns. The sunshine buns have changed from being thick custard to more buttery and sweet now, but I love them anyway. The BBQ pork buns are sweet and tasty.

Their radish cake is deliciously simple. The king prawn roll is full of prawns and amazing dunked into sweet and sour sauce. The deep-fried golden buns are marvellous dipped into the condensed milk.

Star House squid and BBQ pork

Star House squid and BBQ pork

The salt and pepper squid is always great at yum cha, I find. As long as the chef adds plenty of seasoning, onion and chilli! The rice pastry is always tasty yet light, with delicate sauces and the best BBQ pork flavour around.

I love Star House and I highly recommend it for a cheap, cheerful morning tea with friends.

I’ve been visiting Star House for a few years now and never had a bad experience.

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