The Ramen Diaries: Ramen Kan revisited

It’s now time for round two, the review of the best reviews.
For my second visit to Ramen Kan, I went for the same bowl as last time, tonkotsu.
I’ve included a review table for this round of reviews, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into at each establishment.

Broth: Thin, not overly salty, good pork flavour.

Price: $10.90

Noodles: Average sized serve. Thicker with the ability to hold liquid. Maybe a little overcooked.

Meat: Three slices of chashu. Decent.

Toppings:  Tamago – one half egg, hardboiled and plain. Spring onions, bean sprouts, carrot shavings.

Setting: Upstairs from Cold Rock. Spacious restaurant.



Garlic miso

Garlic miso



Overall thoughts: Ramen Kan offers a decent bowl of tonkotsu. The serving size is a little less generous than Gumshara and Ikkyu. The broth is a thin liquid that is luckily not overly salted like some. The spring onions are a little too generous and it comes over strong. I feel that if I were looking for a decent bowl of tonkotsu in that area, I’d still go for Gumshara. If you want a lighter lunch, however, Ramen Kan is exactly what you’re looking for.

Ratings so far:

1. Gumshara & Ikkyu

2. Ramen Kan

3. Ippudo

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