Golden Century Seafood Restaurant, Haymarket

The first words out of the waitress’ mouth are, “only a la carte, no yum cha.”

The patrons ahead of us left. Can’t handle the lack of yum cha!

Upon being seated at a table with the waitress giving us as little eye contact as she can, we see a fish leaping out of one of the tanks and falling on the floor. If I’d had my phone out a little faster, you could have seen something amazing. One of the waiters had scooped it back into the tank before I had time.

I didn’t mind that there was no yum cha, because I was there for the duck.

Duck pancakes

Duck pancakes

These were decent pancakes, four to half a Peking duck. Mostly skin, no flesh. The spring onion was sweet and not noxious like they can be. There was a tad too much hoisin, but no one is perfect.

San choy bau

San choy bau

There were four lettuce cups to a half Peking duck, as well. These were sweet but definitely filling, the duck meat was generous.

The two course Peking duck was definitely worth it, but strangely the part of the meal I enjoyed most was my entree.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls

These were probably the best spring rolls I’ve ever had. Light, crispy, hot and filled with tender veggies and vermicelli, there was a sweet, slightly peppery dipping sauce. You need to try these!

Not pictured was a fairly disappointing duck in noodle soup. The soup was flavourless, the noodles were bland but the duck itself was ok. This may have been one dish too many – thought I’d need more to eat but I didn’t!

Golden Century is an iconic restaurant in Sydney, as far as traditional Cantonese style goes. I’ve also had Peking duck from BBQ King across the street, and I like the sang choy bau from Golden Century more – but I think the duck pancakes are harder to judge between. Golden Century is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a good meal.

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