Amalfi’s is well-known in Adelaide. I don’t usually go out for Italian, as it’s just as good and much cheaper made at home.



Featuring: Spinach, pancetta, cacciatore salami, black olives, chilli, fresh tomato & cheese. The base was thick but perfectly cooked, and the toppings were tasty – although I couldn’t taste the chilli. I’m a big pancetta fan but I felt that it’s flavour  didn’t come through either.

Beef ragu

Beef ragu

The ragu wasn’t offensive, but I don’t think it was overly rich, either. But I’m comparing it to mum’s cooking, so maybe I should stop – or maybe I should eat more ragu at Italian restaurants!



The tiramisu lacked coffee flavour and didn’t use sponge fingers. It was light, tasty and well made though.

Overall, Amalfi’s is a good restaurant with well made pizza and a range of pasta dishes that will keep everyone happy – as long as they like pizza. It’s not overly expensive but it’s not my usual cheap dining option either! Check it out if you like Italian, although there’s plenty of places to choose down East End.

Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante on Urbanspoon


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