Red Lime Shack

Red lime shack is really cool. It’s a vegan/vegetarian café in Port Adelaide that serves up annoyingly healthy food. Apparently their burgers are really good! I loved the waffles and smoothie I had, although the reception was not the friendliest I’ve ever experienced… There’s no problem in greeting customers, taking orders and clearing tables… is there?

Waffles with banana icecream

Waffles with banana icecream

The waffles were dense and perfectly cooked, with house made banana ice-cream and tart berry coulis with berries that were still recognisable. These went down well.

Chocolava smoothie

Chocolava smoothie

I had a chocolava smoothie – pretty much another meal in itself. It consists of cocoa, dates, bananas… just really good ingredients that help it taste yummy. The sort of thing you could also easily whip up yourself at home, although they call the cocoa “raw cacao” so you’d have to source that.

I’d recommend these guys. Can’t wait to try a burger when I’m back down – I love Veggie Velo’s haloumi burger so obviously I’m into the veggie burger thing.

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  1. Steph

    Thank you for your lovely review of our food. I’m sad to hear our service was lacking. This is unusual. Feel free to email me details as it is important we maintain our friendly and efficient standards. Otherwise I hope to see you soon. Steph (owner).

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