The Ramen Diaries: Ichi-Ban Boshi revisited

It’s now time for round two, the review of the best reviews. Ichi-Ban Boshi is a special case. I didn’t enjoy my first bowl of ramen, but I knew I had to go back and try the tonkotsu broth, as it gets a pretty good rap around the internets.
For my second visit to Ichi-Ban Boshi I ordered the tonkotsu.
I’ve included a review table for this round of reviews, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into at each establishment.

Broth: Tasty, salty pork broth. Thick – Menya thick, not Gumshara thick. Opaque but clear broth.

Price: $11.90

Noodles: Nice noodles with a good amount of chew. Quite a large serve.

Meat: Tasty chashu.

Toppings:  Tamago – one half egg, softboiled and tasty. Seaweed and scallions.

Setting: Busy restaurant upstairs in the Galeries.

Ichi Ban Boshi Tonkotsu

Ichi Ban Boshi Tonkotsu

Overall thoughts: Go to Ichi-Ban Boshi for the tonkotsu. I didn’t feel their other ramen offerings were up to scratch. It was a huge serve – did not finish. Enjoyable, solid bowl of ramen that has the basic toppings. Will knock you out. Only serves 30 bowls of tonkotsu ramen per day.

Remember that this rating list includes only the establishments which were good enough to revisit, so only 6 out of the original 14.

Ratings so far:

1. Gumshara & Ikkyu

2. Menya & Ichi-Ban Boshi (How can I choose?! May have to revisit…)

3. Ramen Kan

4. Ippudo

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One response to “The Ramen Diaries: Ichi-Ban Boshi revisited

  1. JK

    I could be wrong but I think I may have tasted some MSG in the Ichi-Ban Boshi tonkotsu broth. Still, felt a lot healthier and more enjoyable than their shio (salt) broth. Very porky and gingery – all round good stuff.

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