Uighur Cuisine – Haymarket, Sydney

It was Chinese New Years and we had dinner before watching the parade.

We didn’t have a certain restaurant in mind, but walked past and decided to check Uighur Cuisine out. I’m really glad we did!

Uighur cuisine skewers

Uighur cuisine skewers

These were amazing. Slightly spicy, perfectly cooked with a little touch of charcoal. Sharing between three people was difficult!

Uighur cuisine samosas

Uighur cuisine samosas

These samosas were tasty. Crunchy outside, gingery meaty oniony filling.

Uighur cuisine handmade noodles

Uighur cuisine handmade noodles

These were long chewy handmade noodles. It was difficult to break them up using a fork and spoon, the cutlery we were given. They had that wonderful vinegar flavour that handmade noodles have when stir-fried, and the black fungus had just soaked up the salty flavours.

Uighur cuisine fried potato and chicken

Uighur cuisine fried potato and chicken

This dish was amazing. The potato had gone crispy, the herb mix was perfectly balanced and it was great fun to eat. This was the last dish brought out, and we were definitely slowing down by that time!

Uighur cuisine eggplant

Uighur cuisine eggplant

The eggplant had a beautiful sweet and sour flavour. The eggplant was sweet and tender, the sauce matched it perfectly.

Uighur cuisine dumplings

Uighur cuisine dumplings

We had to have dumplings. These were good. Perfect with a little vinegar squirted into their insides.

This review is glowing, and I don’t regret it. We had a great meal here. Completely happy with the food and definitely happy with the price. Once the waiter took our order, the food came out quickly. I have to admit we were all hungry, and we left completely stuffed full, but the hunger did not contribute to how positive the review is – the food really was fantastic.

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6 responses to “Uighur Cuisine – Haymarket, Sydney

  1. I’ve heard so many glowing reports about this place. I am still yet to try it let alone the cuisine!

  2. been wanting to go here for a while since a friend of mine can only eat halal food. looking at the food, i def should try it out soon

  3. Wow, looks great! I wish there was an Uyghur restaurant in Brisbane. I have been looking and looking, but nothing. I am trying to cook my own Uyghur style plov but not sure I am doing it right.

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